Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for patience. It may not seem like I have a lot of it, but you’d be surprised.

I am thankful for Excedrin and Advil. Three kids and a dog…enough said!

I am thankful for IMDB. I can’t handle not knowing where I’ve seen someone before. At least on TV I can look it up, real life is another story.

I am thankful I have an “industrial, teacher” pencil sharpener. I NEVER let my students use it. I let my kids because they go through pencils like candy. (But that noise…I know one reason the students never touched it.)

I am thankful for Pintrosity. I am so glad that other people in this world are screwing up these “pin projects” as much as I do.

I am thankful for stain remover. I can go through a bottle of Shout in under two weeks, especially if I’ve made red Kool-Aid.

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