Friday, October 26, 2012

A Week in My Life...Thursday

This was the most tiring day of the week and I knew it was going to be before it even started, not a good omen.

I opted out of the shower portion of the day, just didn’t have the energy (nor did I care); and frankly I’ve taken a shower every day lately and I deserve a break. Luckily before 7AM my peace and quiet came to a screeching halt, I guess I’ve had too much morning time to myself lately. Good thing he doesn’t want breakfast yet, because I really don’t feel like getting up right now.
If you're just going to go back to sleep, stay in bed.

I can tell already, this is going to be a trying day. I can feel it. I was going to wear yoga pants today no balance out not showering, but I decided on a velour track suit instead. (Not far off really)

Maizie miraculously got ready in less than ten minutes. Since I had a bunch of errands to do this morning, we drove the two blocks to school. We somehow were almost late, but made it on time. Three days in a row, this has to be a new record.

Stella and I head off on our long list of errands. We need to finish up Halloween accessories before the big party tomorrow night. From the looks of things, Sandy may take a bite out of Halloween, so they better enjoy themselves.

We starteded at BJs and I needed to get a temporary card because mine disappeared from my wallet. This sort of thing happens all the time, one of the hazards of living in a haunted house.

Stella and I went on an incredible journey. 
I should really stop and get gas, but do I have time? So much to do (before noon)

This truck was spewing "waste juice" all over the highway and my car EEEWWWW!

I mat not have time to stop, but I definitely don't have time to run out.

On the hunt for Captain America.

This was Stella's impression of the Walmart bathroom, she's the one that REALLY had to go.

We went to Hobby Lobby to get more tulle for Stella’s costume, but it didn’t feel the same as the other tulle, so I didn’t get it. Instead we went back to Jo-ann’s where the original came from, you know what that deal is don’t you? (I told you it was going to be a tiring day.) They were sold out!

At that point, my “extra ankle” hurt so bad I didn’t care if we got it or not. So home we go, besides Teddy had to get to school. 

Ted was a sweetie and brought him to school before he went to a meeting.

I finally get the candy corn costume finished. Thank goodness.

Ted came home sooner than expected, so Stella and I head out for a few more errands. We obviously need more tulle. 

She was tired, but was given the option of staying home with Ted, she refused.
Off to get the tulle.

Had to buy accessories for my costume.

We meet Ted and the kids at the play ground. (Left my phone/camera in the car) Head home and Maizie tries on her costume and then Captain America tries on his. He may have gotten the last one in his size.
This is one happy little boy.

Since its tuna salad week, Maizie hasn’t been eating anything (I mean NOTHING) at school. The only thing she has while she’s there is a juice box and a milk. So tonight I made her favorite…spanikopita (I didn’t really make it, it’s frozen) and salad.

Showers went smoother than usual, good thing because I am exhausted and I still need to finish Holly Golightly’s skirt.

Kids in bed. Check!
Stella’s costume completed. Now that my own personal Project Runway challenge is complete, I am going to sit on the couch and see if the All-Stars can handle the pressure (and to see how bitchy Ivy’s going to be).

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  1. Phew!!! Those days are just exhausting, and I know what you mean about murphy's law meaning the store you go to is out of what you need. So frustrating!!!

  2. Wow you guys were out and about a lot! Yikes. ANd I deserved a shower skip day :)

  3. Glad you found some tule! Hope you all enjoy the Halloween party!

  4. My girls would never let me hit that many stores in one day - you are a lucky woman !!! And I'm down with the skip a shower front, in fact I think I may have this morning, can't even remember?

  5. Love the reaction to the Walmart bathroom- I agree! ;-)

  6. Your day wore me out!! I don't think I could have survived that many stores!

  7. That is a lot of stores in one day. Wow. I only went to Target yesterday, and couldn't handle going out again, even though I sort of had to! ha!

  8. Your shower comment cracked me up! And man that's a lot of stores-- I hate when I have to circle back to the same store when running errands-- ugh! Hopefully your Friday was easier and thanks for linking up!