Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy, Oh Sandy!!

Well Sandy the Frankenstorm, came and tortured me. What to do with three kids when the power goes out? Well, luckily for me I didn’t have to find out. We did get trapped in the house for the day, but they were better than I expected.

The Xbox was brought back into the other room and they were given free reign over the games and Netflix.

We carved our pumpkin and Teddy wimped out and didn’t want to stick his hand in and scoop out any of the guts; but he had no problem eating the pumpkin seeds.

Seriously though, our day was really low key. I did make some Hurricane observations .

Going to the store as soon as the hurricane as soon as it was predicted was a brilliant idea on my part.

My neighbors don’t bring anything in from their backyards until the storm is in full swing.

When school is cancelled before the weather event starts, there will always be people who complain about it; yet those same people will be the ones to squawk the loudest if their kid was stuck at school during a severe weather event.

My kids will annoy each other before the storm is even on our radar.

Even if everyone is awake in the house, Alabama will wake me up from a nap to let her out so she can get a drink from a dump truck, not to go to the bathroom.

As long as there is power, Teddy will turn into a zombie as he plays Xbox and watches Netflix.

Stella can keep herself entertained for hours.

Maizie will complain about anything and everything.

Channel 12 news is a bunch of a$$h@les. After an entire day of news coverage, I was looking forward to watching my shows, not more of the EXACT SAME coverage.

Our hurricane tradition was tweaked a bit this year. Usually it’s just Teddy and I sleeping in the living room, this year all three slept in there.

Hope everyone stayed safe!!


  1. See, I would be find sticking my hand in the pumpkin, but not eating the seeds. :) Your jack-o-lantern looks sweet! And cute doggy! :)

  2. Lucky you had video games and TV to entertain the kids! My kids drove each other crazy too! All in all it was not bad for us, 16hrs of no power, but we had everything we needed and were safe so it was all good!

  3. We have nothing here! No power- it stinks!!!