Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kraus House Happenings

Due to an extremely hectic schedule the past few days and a headache that won't quit I bring you delightful posts from March 2012. Enjoy!!!!

So I go in the living room for my afternoon nap and Alabama is on the couch using my Total Pillow.

Not shocking that most of the kids in Teddy's class had to be convinced to try green eggs and ham. Less shocking...Teddy had 2 helpings.

I just walked past the doll house. Stella or Maizie?  

We're in the car and Stella is looking at the radio and she said, ""Look S A T spells dog."

I have got to remember that if the gender of the cashier is questionable DO NOT take Teddy through that line.

Teddy has a crush on a girl in his class, now I have to iron a button down for him to wear tomorrow.

Bringing Maizie and Stella into Job Lot is like bringing a hoarder to a flea market.

I have to bring Maizie and Stella to the cardiologist with me and I told them there would be a lot of old people there. Stella said, "They're gonna think I'm cute."

I've created a monster. I let Maizie try Diet Dr Pepper last night, now she keeps asking for one. I just had her and Stella split one and told her there's a limit to one a day. Stella said, "You have way more than that"

Stella's looking in the mirror saying, "I look much better now" (I'm not paying attention) "Mommy, don't I look much better now that I put on this crown?" I look at her and she's fixing her hair around her tiara. "Of course you do Stella."

Maizie is horrified at Hoarders.

Stella just told me, "Bow when you speak to me"

I walked through the kitchen wearing torn pajama pants, brown shoes, a white tank top with a leopard bra showing through (hot, I know) and Stella said, "Oh Mommy I LOVE your outfit. You looks so pretty."

Stella just read a book (by herself) and she learned about sharks...they bite and swim, bite and swim.

You know, you always get nervous when a 3 year old (or a Kraus kid) comes out of the bathroom and says, "Come see what I did."

I'm sitting here with my hand on my forehead after telling the girls to put some clothes on and stop running around and Teddy puts his hand on my back and said, "It's OK if you're sick of them."

The kids were watching a show (on Disney Jr) and the sound went out for a few seconds. Teddy asked, "Did they say a bad word?" I said, "No it's just the show" He then says, "You know they do that on TV when they say a bad word."

I had to fire my entire staff today; funny thing is they "hired" themselves.

My kids always set up "terrible traps" and the only one who gets stuck, maimed or injured is me.

When I told Maizie I was going on her field trip with her I didn't get the response I was expecting. She was NOT happy with the idea. She told me, in a very gruff voice, "I can handle it!!!"

Maizie was reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Stella came in and said she wanted to eat everything the caterpillar ate. I just looked at her. She said (matter of factly), "I won't get sick."

Quotes of the day...1. There was dirt on the floor of the new car. Stella-Daddy's gonna have a piss. 2. We had corn for dinner. Stella-Look at my gold tooth. 3. Two of the cars were facing each other in the driveway. Teddy-We better get out there, they're having a staring contest. 4. Getting ready for showers, told the kids whoever got their pajamas first could get the first shower. Stella-I'm already naked (as she ran in the room, naked).

I asked Teddy to move at least 6 times and he didn't. Then he was moving the ottoman (I HATE that) so I said loudly, "You're moving the ottoman" and he said, "It's yelling time" as he finally got up and moved his seat.

How many of you have one child remind another child NOT to pee in the empty dog food bag?

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  1. Such cute sayings from your kids. Haha- I love the cat one where he spells it! Haha- that is too funny that he thought they said a bad word. Very smart kiddo! I love the yelling time with the ottoman. And best ending with the child reminding the other child not to pee in the dog food bag. PRICELESS!