Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Week in My Life...Saturday


Since it's the weekend, it's a lot calmer around here. As a rule, I try not to go to stores on weekends. Why? I'm home all week while most others are working, and if I go right after I drop of Maizie it's a ghost town (pure heaven). 

But let's move on to Saturday.
Today was another day of not showering, and you know what? I don’t think I’ll take one tomorrow either. I was just too tired to even consider taking a shower and we needed to get ready to be at soccer for Stella’s 9:30AM “game”.

I don’t know how it happened, but we got there extremely early. (Maybe documenting all this is putting the pressure on me) She played her heart out. At one point she’s missed a goal by inches and let me tell you, I have never seen her so furious. She turned that fury into determination (My dad pays her $1 for every goal).
On our way

Stella trying to kick the ball at Daddy and Grampie

She loves soccer

Keeping CLCF in business through concession purchases

Look at how filthy she is

Later on I needed to start cleaning up the filth. The damage these kids can do to a house is utterly amazing. Ted was headed to BJs (good luck Sweetie). I was upstairs making my bed and Teddy came up to hang out with me, I look over and he’s under the covers of the bed I just made…COME ON DUDE!!!

A little while later, while Maizie was fitzing around the house I noticed it was really quiet…too quiet. This is what I found

A few minutes later when I went to put something away they looked like this

Ted came home so Maizie and I jetted out of the house to run to Rite Aid.

After the kids ate cereal for dinner (their request) Ted got them to clean the dining room and living room. I’ve been asking for days, he asks once and it’s done.

We all go up to tuck in and Ted has been reading The Hobbit to the and tonight was “act out night”. All I could hear was laughing and jumping. Apparently Stella takes direction really well, remembers her lines and rarely breaks character, Maizie takes her director duties very seriously and Teddy, well let’s just say he has no future in the biz.

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  1. awww I love the picture of them cuddling in bed :)

  2. That pic of them cuddling is so cute! That is so cute that your dad pays her for every goal-lol!

  3. oh the cuddles are just too sweet!!!!