Saturday, December 7, 2013

20 Questions for Maizie on Her Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Pure Joy

Breakfast Cake

Today Maizie turns eight. I can’t believe I have a kid that old, even though technically I’m old enough to have one in college. I decided to ask her 20 Questions (man were the other two mad about this). Here are her answers…

How old are you?    8

What did you get for your birthday?   Monster High Create a Monster and Yahtzee Flash
Just what she wanted
What is your favorite color?   pink

What is your favorite TV show?   Sam and Cat

What is your favorite toy?   Monster High (anything with a Monster High logo on it)

What do you want to be when you grow up?   A singer

What sport do you play?  Karate
In her gi ready for action
What are you good at?   Writing

What’s your favorite food?   Tasty meatballs in the gravy and lasagna

What food do you hate?   Mayonnaise, oatmeal, jelly

What is your favorite outfit?   Leotards

What is your favorite song?   Monster High theme song

What is your favorite flavor ice cream?   Mint chocolate chip

Who is the best in your family?   Everyone

What is your pet’s name?   Alabama Worley (Bama or Bam for short)

What makes you happy?   Stella

What makes you mad?   Stella

What is your favorite thing to do in school?   Learn

Who is your teacher?   Mrs. Scanlon

Where do you want to go on vacation?   Swimming
She'll swim, as long as it's a pool
Happy Birthday Maizie! I say some of the answers she gave didn’t surprise me at all, while others came out of left field. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dolls and Jewelry, What More Could One Want?

Now is the time of year that you look over your Christmas list and see who you need to buy for. If you have a little girl on your list, I've got the gift for you. Our Generation Me & You Jewellery Kit is perfect for that doll lover on your list.

Stella and Maizie were given the opportunity to try out the Our Generation Me & You Jewellery Kit and they were thrilled.

What is it? It is a craft kit that coordinates with Our Generation dolls  (sold exclusively at Target) and little girls. The kit makes bracelets for girls and for the dolls as well.

Stella love dolls and jewelry, she almost exploded with joy when this came into the house and Maizie wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass her by.  They begged and pleaded to get started.

The kit comes with three bracelets for the girls and two for the dolls. There are five ribbons to make the bracelets and four sets of string to embellish them. What more could a girl want?

The hardest decision was which ribbon to use on which bracelet. Once the decisions were made, we started. It took a few tries to get the hang of it, but once we did, it only took a few minutes to complete the bracelet.

The girls couldn’t wait to get them onto the dolls (and themselves).

Stella wore her bracelets to school every day.

*Disclosure-I was given a Our Generation doll and the Me & You Jewellery Kit to facilitate this post, but as always the opinions are all my own.