Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kids at the Dentist

Today the kids had their dentist appointment. This always makes me nervous. My kids insist on brushing their own teeth. Whenever we go I start to panic a little. Did they brush their teeth well enough? Will they have any cavities? If they do, what will they think of me?

My kids love going to the dentist. This morning, Stella came downstairs telling me what color toothbrush she was going to get. Maizie was planning on which balloon she was going to get; and Teddy was in a too small Spiderman costume (what can I say, he’s his own person).

We were walking up the stairs and they kept asking if they could play when we got inside. It’s like they go places just to play, man I wish it was that easy.

Thankfully, they call all three in at the same time…the moment of truth, the red goo. All three of them are very good brushers, thank goodness. I’m a good mother after all. (At least I can get them to clean their teeth.)

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  1. It's better when the kids brush their own teeth. At an early age, they'll know that they're responsible for their oral health. I'm sure their dentist reminds them also to brush their teeth properly to avoid cavities. As a parent, you have to look for a good dentist who'll take good care of your kids.

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