Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Week in My Life...Monday

Melissa at Filling Our Bucket brought this to my Rhody Blogger's attention, so I'm participating in "A Week in My Life" project through Adventuroo. Each day (hopefully) I will post about the previous day's event. I will be doing this all week.

This morning I was so rudely forced out of bed by a bed hogging four year old that was, as she put it “just lonely” in her bed. I decided, since my alarm had been going off for over a half an hour already, to get out of bed and venture downstairs. Off to the showers!

I thought I would be a mom genius and not turn on the TV until Maizie was all dressed and ready for school; considering she was late everyday last week (not have to sign into the office late, her class had already walked into the building late). She was all set to go by ten past eight, with the exception of her shoes, which I left her in charge of (what was I thinking?).

We leave the house at 8:40am; they start letting kids in the building at 8:45am. We start to hustle down the street, of course Stella came with us, I can’t go anywhere without her. (She is always the first one ready anyway.) We get to the school yard and I can see the last kid in line from her class walking through the door.

By the skin of her teeth, she squeezes past the second grade class and then she’s lost in a pool of kids. I hope she made it on time.

Back home was less than eventful, until after I brought Teddy to school. When I came home I decided I better get started on Maizie’s Halloween costume (candy corn). That’s when things got ugly.

I started by ironing the fabric, which wouldn’t unwrinkled. I got it looking a nice as I could and then commenced cutting. That was the least traumatic step of this whole process. I managed to get all six pieces of fabric cut rather nicely.

On to pinning, a big pain in the ass. For some reason I can never get the correct sides pinned. And not the ruin my record, I had to redo it three times. The first time was because I was pinning the opposite side of where I was going to sew. Second and third was because I am using flannel and determining which side is the right side is rather tricky and I failed twice.

I got both sets of white and yellow panels pinned and sewn. 

Then I go to put the orange panel on and…a fourth time pinning the wrong way. I finally get it pinned and go to sew the sewing machine kept jamming.


I will spare you all the vulgarity that spewed from my mouth.

I just got this sewing machine and only used it once before. Boy was I pissed. I did the next logical thing; I called my mom and asked her if her sewing machine works.

Pick the kids up and of course, we saunter over to the playground. (I of course am too busy texting to remember to take pictures.) Stella had, note I said had, on off white pants today; they are no longer that color. I will be cramping up my hand spraying Shout later on.

We walk in the door and I smell cookies; Ted made cookies. I told them they couldn’t have them until they finished their homework. (I dread homework time)  Teddy does his toot sweet and he’s out of there patiently waiting for Maizie to finish hers. Unfortunately that time doesn’t come soon. After an hour, I can’t take it anymore. I told her she could finish the rest later.

Somewhere during homework hell Stella had a costume change.

After the homework torture, I needed a nap, so it was pizza for dinner. 

Then back to homework. 

While we (me) were trying to get Maizie to finish, Teddy decided it was time to be a comedian. 

Listen, the last thing Short Attention Span Maizie needs is another distraction so he gets kicked out of the room. While this is going on, Stella is in the living room redecorating one of the lamps “Lampy” as she calls it.

Bedtime at last. I told them if anyone comes downstairs or into my bed, I was going to eat their breakfast cookies. (Yes, I sometimes give them cookies for breakfast.)


  1. hehe! that's a busy day. And as someone who doesn't know how to turn on her sewing machine, you're ahead of me!

  2. I'm jealous of the sewing machine. Completely jealous.

  3. I'm in the midst of Halloween costume hell myself. Why do they keep changing their minds?! ARG! BTW, Lampy is hilarious!! You have creative kids!

  4. I have one of those "bed hogging 4 year olds" too. I can't quite figure out how he manages to take up every square inch of a king size bed.

    Love that you sew. I'm sure it'll turn out awesome in the end. Hope to see pictures of her in it this week. :)

  5. That's going to be such a cute halloween costume!!! You're crafty, I'm impressed :)

  6. I am jealous of your sewing machine! I want to learn to sew. Very cute outfit!

  7. I wish I could sew. I haven't used a sewing machine since 8th grade.

  8. I wish my kids wouldpick a costume that I could sew. Superhero crapis way too complicated andnot worth it!lol

  9. So cute! What a gift you have, I can only see a button!

  10. Your costume sewing experience sounds eerily similar to mine! I kept threading the machine wrong and getting three layers of fleece jammed in the machine. The expletives were flying!

    Your kids are super cute btw!!