Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Week in My Life...Tuesday


Just like to say all times are approximate (none of our clocks say the same time and I will most likely forget to look at the time).

6:10AM  Get up (I was once again squeezed out of bed), shuffle my way downstairs, take a shower and feed the dog
6:34AM  Sit down on the couch with my coffee (ALONE) and my laptop to watch some TV, and to polish up and post my blog
7:26AM  Peace and quiet shot straight to hell, yup one of them is up demanding breakfast. I can’t complain he got up pretty late.

7:41AM  I guess I should wake up the rest of them. Do we really want to be late for school again?


7:55AM  Got myself dressed. With the exception of Sunday, this is the sixth day in a row that I have worn real pants (yea me).
8:01AM  DING DING DING  In this corner, weighing in at 53lbs, Maizie. In the other corner, weighing an undisclosed amount, Mommy.  Let the fight begin! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s time to get Maizie dressed and ready for school.
8:17AM  She’s dressed with shoes on and ready to go. We may be on time yet. But wait, Stella’s not dressed, this rarely happens. Has there been some sort of apocalypse? (The logical thing would be to go without Stella, yea right that’s like trying to drive without keys…not going to happen. She’ll run down the street in her pajamas if she needs to.)

8:24AM  Stella pulled it together.

8:28AM  We’re out the door, we’re EARLY!!!

8:37AM  We get to school and Maizie tried to run into school because she thought she was late. Quite the opposite, she was so early that she was the only one from her class there.

8:56AM  Stella and I are back home. Teddy and she are relaxing, watching cartoons and playing Xbox all while leaving me ALONE (I hope) as I start to write up today’s events.

10:52AM  I go start lunch. I know, too early, but afternoon kindergarten is an absolute pain in the ass in every aspect. As that cooks I can try to tackle some laundry (ICK!!)
11:12AM  Teddy and Stella are enjoying some delicious macaroni and cheese.

11:16AM  Stella burped so loud that I thought she threw up on the table (she’s such a little lady).
11:33-11:38AM  I try to find Teddy a pair of matching socks. He cannot keep a pair of socks for longer than a month. In my search I did find that Maizie stashed some garbage in one of the drawers. How do I know it’s Maizie? Because she is the only one who eats those cookies.

12:04PM  SHIT!! I forgot Teddy’s snack. Most half day kindergarten kids only need a small snack, not Teddy. He brings half a sandwich, a bag of cookies and a juice box; it takes a lot to sustain him and he’s still starving when he gets home.
12:14PM  His sweatshirt is LOST! Found it. Then I look at him, the cowlick king is here. Ted usually does his hair, but he’s out so I’m left to do it. I asked him if he wanted a Beiber, he refused; I did the best I could. Then Stella-no coat…WTF!!!
12:16PM Out the door. As we pass the second graders at recess a bunch of them run over to the fence and say “Hi” to Teddy and especially Stella (she doesn’t even go to school yet). Walking home Stella practices swinging her coat over her head saying “Yee Ha” as she tells me she no longer wants to be a superhero when she grows up; she wants to be a fairy and she needs to meet Tinkerbell. Then as we are two houses away from ours, she starts crying. “What is wrong with you?” “My finger is bleeding.” “What happened?” “I bit my finger.”

12:42PM  Stella’s self-inflicted wound is bandaged.
12:59PM  I am off to tackle some of the six, possibly seven baskets of laundry that need to be folded. 

1:40PM  Back spasms start, so decide to go cut up some vegetables and have some lunch. The little scavenger decided she needed a salad as well.

2:31PM  Helped Stella redecorate “Lampy”

2:47PM  We’re off to go pick up Maizie and Stella at school. Alabama always looks so sad when we leave. 

We go over to the playground for our afternoon romp. I checked their backpacks. Teddy has homework, that’s fine. Maizie has a shitload of homework, %^&&^%%$!!!!

3:22PM  Do you know what happened? It started to rain, not hard but I was getting wet. We had to walk home.
3:30PM  Teddy gets his “homework water” and a pencil and he starts his homework (I didn’t say a word). Stella had a costume change. Maizie? No idea where she went, she’s here somewhere (probably hiding so she doesn’t have to start her homework).

3:39PM  Maizie’s homework torture begins.
4:11PM  This torture session has ended (for now, we will continue after dinner).
4:45PM  Maybe I should start thinking about dinner.
6:06PM  Dinner is finally ready. Stella was in full force, it was like dinner theater. The kids spent over an hour in the basement, I don’t know what they were doing down there but it sure riled her up. Teddy sat there with no shirt on, even though I requested he put his back on.
6:27PM  Showers started. Maizie first.
6:36PM Kitchen Cleaned!!
7:03PM Maizie finally out of the shower. Back to finishing the stack of homework.
7:39PM  Done with homework.
8:15PM  All are in bed and Ted is reading to them, I hope my night is over.
9:32PM  I fixed the sewing machine; then quickly sewed on the orange panels. 

I am now going to sit my ass on the couch and watch TV.

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  1. It is funny that your post is time related! Mine is too, but it is about my obsession with checking the time. ha! Busy day!!

  2. my goodness the kid routine is exhausting, isn't it???? Phew. Fun post. What did we do with all that time before we had kids????

  3. TV time at the end of the day rocks ~ LOL

  4. Having a tribe of children is exhausting, right? I do NOT look forward to the homework phase with my girls! I love how specific your timestamps are..

  5. *shudder* Laundry folding. Goodness, I hate that job. Absolutely abhor it!

  6. a) I hate laundry. It's never ending so I find it hard to get motivated to do it. b) I'm insanely jealous that your kids sleep so late. c) what is it with boys and socks?? Joseph is just a baby and STILL he loses socks like it's his job. Sheesh! :)

  7. I'm envious of getting all of your kids in bed by 8:15pm. Our goal is usually 8:30p... and it's a goal that doesn't always happen. I am not, however, envious of your laundry. Ugh. If I was rich, that would be the first thing I'd splurge on -- fluff & fold services.

  8. Okay. I'm already tired reading all that you did. Early to school. Aren't those magical days?

  9. What a busy day! I am all for waking up early and having my peace and quiet for dinner!

  10. Great pics. I especially love the playground shots. Looks like a great spot.

  11. The costume is coming along well!! I'm also tired from reading your day, lol!