Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Week in My Life...Wednesday

 Welcome to day three of our week long tour. Do you feel like you live here yet?

Today I take you through a picture journey of my day.

Took my shower, I'll spare you a clear view

Fed Alabama Worley

Weighed myself, so disappionting

Made my coffee

Sat my rump on the couch

Posted Tuesday

Feed the girls breakfast, Teddy didn't want to eat. Notice the blank stares, Spongebob is on.

Found this in the basement

This is what they were doing in the basement yesterday

Dolled up for picture day

First trip to school

We made it, two days in a row
Off get get dinner supplies

It's what's for dinner!

Stella lending a helping hand

Throw it all in and hours later VIOLA, dinner is done!
Stella wearing "Lampy's" hat

Teddy's stuck on Xbox, needed Daddy's lava

Iron down the seams

These were 89 cents and were gone with 20 minutes
Lunch time, they ate the rest of my pretzels

I had a forkful of cookie dough

Daddy fixing Teddy's hair

It's picture day
My second trip to the school
Stella's costume design shop

Working on the costume. I will be so glad when this is done.

Finally cut out

Sewing up the sides (this is a staged pic, I forgot to take one)
Got rid of the dirty dishes

Stella can't believe the garbage men didn't take that box

Stella putting that box into the recycle bin

Walking home from THIRD trip to school (I call Stella Drita when she wears this coat)
Seriously, she just put that shirt on. No wonder I have so much laundry.
Dinner is served! It tastes way better than it looks.

Served on tortilla chips!!

Putting on the pads

Got my bag, ready to go.
On our way to the rink (Maizie looks thrilled)

Skates on

The girlies NEED to have their push pop

He's a pro a getting up
This was actually intentional

Keeping me company

Watching from the glass

Game faces!!! GGRRR!!!

HE's up!!

Hi Handsome
Enjoying his post skate pretzel
Look at all the assorted pieces (It's her "fashion")

Getting ready to read her homework story

I don't think she's going to stay there very long

Tired boy

Maizie reading to everyone
Good night Kraus House!

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  1. Looks like a busy day! But a good one!

  2. I love all these insights into everyone else's life :) SUch fun to write these posts. Your dinner actually looks delicious, and I LOVE the costume!

  3. Super busy day!!! I cut Skipper's hair when I was about 8. Then I took her to my Mom with the hair in one hand and her in the other, crying, asking her to fix it. Obviously, Skipper still has short hair. I'll never forget doing it. ha!

  4. I love your life through pictures! Looks like you have a really busy day and don't stop-lol