Friday, October 19, 2012

100 Things About Me

1.  I hate tap water.
2.  I am addicted to reality TV shows.
3.  I don’t like talent reality TV shows.
4.  I got Maizie’s name from Uncle Buck when I was in the 9th or 10th grade.
5.  My nails are so strong that my acrylic nails only last about 6 weeks. Then Marie (my lovely nail girl) has to put on a whole new set.
6.  My animals get their names from movies as well. Hanson was from Slap Shot (RIP) and Alabama Worley is from True Romance.
7. My husband and I had related engravings put into our wedding rings, without telling each other. I put “You’re so cool” and he put “No, you’re so cool!”
8. My husband is my best friend.
9.  When I was a kid, Big Bird lived in my back yard. (Caroll Spinney’s yard abutted our yard)
10. I was in the gifted program in elementary school.
11. I was a Math Olympiad (math team).
12. I almost died after having Stella-Blue.
13. I hate bananas.
14. Diet Dr. Pepper is my absolute favorite soda in the whole wide world.
15. I have a very short attention span.
16.  I hoard hair elastics in my purse.
17.  I’m either hot or cold, I’m rarely just right.
18.  I love coupons. I hate to shop without them.
19.  I don’t mind parking far away in the parking lot (unless it’s raining).
20.  I really like to do crafts.
21.  I like to cook.
22.  I’m not a very good baker.
23.  I am a very disorganized person.
24.  I have cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure.
25.  My calves are unusually large (it’s a family trait) and it makes buying and wearing boots difficult.
26. I love crime shows.
27.  I read a lot.
28. If I’m getting to the end of the book I’m reading, I start to get stressed out if I don’t have another book ready to read.
29.  I can be overly dramatic.
30.  If something doesn’t look good on you, I will tell you.
31. I had a car break down in the street, and I left it there.
32.  There are very few people I will talk on the phone with; I’m not a fan of the phone.
33.  I don’t know how I lived before Pinterest.
34.  I could eat my weight in cheese.
35.  I am very observant. It may not seem like I’m paying attention, but I am.
36.  I snore something fierce.
37.  I need all the clothes in my closet to face the same way.
38.  I constantly hit the curb when I’m trying to park the car. The right front tire has all sorts of marks on it.
39.  I can’t stand country music.
40.  There was no music at my wedding ceremony (he didn’t show up) so I had everyone hum as I walked down the aisle.
41.  I donated a foot of hair to Locks of Love.
42.  I wish I had a magical power, haven’t decided on which one.
43.  I do NOT eat fish.
44.  I have no problem with wearing fur.
45.  Only my first child was “planned”.
46.  Teddy was the biggest surprise of my life.
47.  I make lots and lots of lists, too bad I always lose them.
48.  I lose things…a lot.
49.  My second major in college was Spanish.
50.  I didn’t eat cake until I went to college.
51.  I can drink a beer incredibly fast.
52.  I can pause the DVR and have the person on the screen in an awkward face quite frequently.
53.  I live in a “haunted” house.
54.  I did modeling when I was in college.
55.  I use two alarm clocks.
56.  I never remember to wash my face before I go to bed.
57.  I dyed my hair bright red in the ninth grade. It was called “tail lights”.
58.  At one point I had 28 hamsters. They can multiply faster that you can figure out male and female.
59.  I can’t swim in fresh water, it gives me the creeps.
60.  When I jump off a boat, I start to panic and NEED to swim really fast to get back on. After a couple of times, when I’m sure I’m won’t get eaten by sharks I can stay out there.
61.  I have an extra “ankle” on my right foot.
62.  I try to get up earlier than everyone else on weekdays so I can have time to myself.
63.  I love big SUVs.
64.  I didn’t get a pedicure until I was VERY pregnant with Teddy and couldn’t reach my toes. That was 6 years ago.
65.  I have Irish twins.
66.  My kids will be one year apart in school starting next year.
67.  I didn’t go on a vacation without one of my parents until I was 27.
68.  I MUST go to the beach in the summer.
69.  I was 12 hours away from getting a pacemaker put in.
70.  I was born in Connecticut.
71.  I could read before I went to kindergarten.
72.  The madder I get, the thicker my accent gets.
73.  I use a lot off Yiddish words.
74.  For someone with fair skin, I get very tan.
75.  I have been to Rome.
76.  I think buying curtains and comforters are the biggest pains in the ass ever.
77.  I swear more than I should.
78.  I taught ESL in South Providence.
79.  Sometimes when I would talk to my students I would feel like Ricky Ricardo when I was done.
80.  I could watch cooking shows all day.
81.  I usually alter recipes.
82.  The Princess Bride is my favorite movie.
83.  I love to sit and chat with Teddy, he has some interesting stories.
84.  I am a ball buster; Stella has seemed to inherit that trait.
85.  I used to purposely spell words wrong in the spelling bee try outs.
86.  I was originally going to be a civil engineer.
87.  I applied to colleges as an engineering student.
88.  I want to go back to school to be a registered dietician.
89.  I would also like study kinesiology.
90.  I don’t like when too many people talk at once.
91.  I feel people who don’t listen are just plain rude.
92.  I’m a big believer in Karma.
93.  I’m scared to death to get food poisoning.
94.  I HATE vomiting.
95.  I can’t wait until I can get eye surgery, I’m sick of contacts and glasses.
96.  I hardly put laundry away.
97.  I could eat steak and salad every day.
98.  I get nauseous easily.
99.  I can’t blow my nose quietly.
100.  I want to write a book.

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  1. I'm also a Dr. Pepper Addict! I didn't used to like Diet; but it is actually growing on me very nicely! I really like the Diet Cherry vanilla flavor.

  2. Love learning more about you!! I never put laundry away either... drives my OCD husband CRAZY!!

  3. Number 58 blows my mind! 28 hamsters?! Did they have their own room?

  4. Such a cute post! I love Dr. Pepper- drink it a lot!!!

  5. Great list! We have a lot in common!! I want to write a children's books!! =)

  6. I hate vomiting too... and I did it today!!!

    ~ Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

  7. these lists are so cute... I am not sure I can think of 100 things people don't know about me! thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm horrible about putting the laundry away too. This is cute post :)

  9. SO funny to read these! I have a few in common!! The tap water, laundry, the boot problem & eating my weight in cheese!! Great meeting you yesterday at the Graco event!

  10. i have to hear more about this haunted house. :) and #94? so me. that is worse than anything to me, never mind when my kids do it. ugh i just can't. lol

  11. ah super fun list!!!!!! esp. loving #46, 396 and #97. I despise putting laundry away. And steak makes me very, very happy.

  12. You crack me up! I am loving these lists and seeing what I have in common with people! You are my people! Um, unless you don't like exclamation marks. oops

  13. #95 Yes! Though I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and always think something will go wrong. In a few years, in a few years I'll do it =) Great to learn so much about you!