Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday...Bruin Edition

Last night our wonderful neighbor gave Ted and Teddy tickets to a meet and greet with the Providence Bruins. Teddy couldn't wait.

They started the evening off with a stop to get gaggas and a coffee milk. I asked them to bring me three all the way but they said no (probably best for everyone).

Two gaggas all the way and a coffee milk

They made their way to the Dunkin Donuts Center and pure joy came over Teddy. He met a bunch of players, the mascot, got autographs and went in a bounce house.
Two Bears

Teddy is not shy at all, he talks to everyone. He kind of reminds me of Sophia from Golden Girls because sometimes he doesn't have a filter. When most of the kids were nervous talking to the players; Teddy went right up to the tables, introduced himself, told them his age and said how he started playing hockey this year. They were impressed with his size (not too many 4ft 7in 88lb 6 year old around). 

He went up to the Head Coach and said, "So what do you do?" He said he was the Head Coach; to which Teddy replied, "So you're HC'" as he handed him his roster to be signed.

The best has to be the exchange with Christian Hanson.
 Hanson: Hey Buddy, how's it going?
Teddy: GREAT! I'm having a great time!
(Teddy looks at the stitches on his face)
Teddy: Do you have a big sister?
Hanson: (Confused a little) Yes, I have two.
Teddy: (Nods, knowingly)

He thought he got them from his sister, Teddy knows how vicious a big sister can be.
Our dog was named after his uncles!

When he came home I asked how it was. He said, "It was the greatest night and he didn't want it to end."


  1. That is so sweet!!!! And I LOVE the big sister question ;-)

  2. I wonder if he thought the big sister caused the stitches. :) Teddy will have those memories forever - my hubs still remembers all the players he's ever met. Priceless!

  3. You had me at "gaggas." Questioning him about big sisters put me in stitches. That's so funny!

  4. LOVE! He's a big boy- he will be a great center :)

  5. What a fun experience! Love the stitches story :)

  6. That's hilarious that he thought the stitches were from his sister! So cute.

  7. How cute! Nothing like making memories!

  8. So fun!! Creating father-son memories are wonderful!!

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