Monday, March 11, 2013

Kids These Days...The Poor Things

There are things kids these days may never get to experience firsthand and I feel bad for them. They are never going to have a truly happy and fulfilling childhood. Some will enjoy some of them, but it’s second hand and just not the same; they didn’t live it. If you’re as old as I am, you will understand.

Truffle Shuffle
Iocaine powder
“The perfect cheer”
Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
Zim Zam
Double Dare
Remote Control
Designer Imposters
Kelli Kapowski
In Living Color
Sticker books
Garbage Pail Kids
Jake Ryan
Playing MASH
Blowing out your Nintendo cartridge
Demented and sad, but social
Kids Incorporated
Daytime game shows
Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, JJ Jackson, Martha Quinn and Alan Hunter

If you don't know any of these, you can Google it. There wasn't an internet way back when these were popular.


  1. Just this weekend my daughter "blew out" the DVD player when it wouldn't play her movie. I was so proud.
    But then my son totally dissed my 80's music. I almost cried.
    I do feel sad for them. They won't have anywhere near the kinds of societal experiences we had. A shame, really.

  2. Blowing into my Nintendo games was a daily activity! It used to drive my brother and I crazy. If you added a Game Genie - you had to worry about blowing into both! Some friends had the magic touch :) These were fun to think about!

  3. I'm laughing because I lived through these with my now adult kids... but oh, my I just may have to put together my own list from my 1950's '60's childhood! You've got this old brain turning like the key to my metal roller skates!

  4. This list brings me back! I would have to add actual music on MTV!

  5. I remember some of these. We take our kids back to our childhood occasionally with the "Brady Bunch" and the "Beverly Hillbillies"! Once the kids understood the concept of black and white TV, we were good! :)

  6. Kids incorporated - K! I! D! S! Yeah! Loved that show. Also, I'm convinced that Garbage Pail Kids smelled like puke! I had so many of those things. haha!

  7. Kids Incorporated! K I D S! :I can't stop signing it now. I LOVE that show! And I watched IN Living Color religiously. And all of these other things flood in the childhood memories. Oh, the good ole days!! Does anyone remember jukebox TV?

  8. LOVE this! I used to love "You Can't Do That on Television" on Nickelodeon ... the show that started the green slime :) And I STILL remember the stupid code for the Contra Nintendo game to get, like, a million extra lives. Sad :)