Saturday, March 9, 2013

A "Typical" Week

A typical week in the life of the Kraus House (in pictures...mostly).

I went to brush my teeth and when I opened the medicine cabinet I found this lovely gem. I would have to say Maizie or Teddy is to blame becuase I don't think Stella can reach that high.
Rehab Barbie
Teddy came home from school and had two Toaster Strudels and Nutella on graham crackers. Then 15 minutes before the timer on the oven was going to go off, he came in asking for chips and salsa. This was the reaction I got when I said no, a teary, crumbling heap on the floor. Really? You're not going to starve in the next 15 minutes.
A bit overly dramatic
 Stella all dressed for her day at school. We get there and the high school girls all come over to say Hi to her and tell me how cute she is. Stella says Hi, gets her name tag and high tails it over to the play area. I think she might like it there.
Fancy hair to match fancy clothes
 We had lasanga and garlic bread for dinner the other night. As we were sitting there Teddy asked what would happen if he put the lasagna between the garlic bread and made a sandwich.
A lasagna sandwich on garlic bread
 This isn't a one time thing, Stella falls out of bed a lot. Most of the time she rolls under her bed, this time she rolled the other way. As soon as I saw her I did what every good mother should do, went and got the camera then put her back into bed.
Stella: "Bed rails are for babies!"

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  2. Haha- look at Barbie in the medicine cabinet! CLASSIC!!! LMAO!! Hayley falls out of bed too and I go to grab the camera instantly!! Such cute laughs!