Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tis the Season

This is the season that Ted and I hemorrhage money. I know that people spend too much money during this season, but we have extra expenses this time of year. The first cut starts around Halloween and doesn’t end until the fat man in the red suit is tucked into his bed.

We need to get three Halloween costumes, and depending on what they want to be, it can get costly (Last year the tiny pirate princess cost $40, it should come with its own treasure). This year I lucked out because I made the girls’ costumes myself, but that isn’t typical. Then all the candy we need to buy. Our neighborhood is a drop off point for Providence kids. How do I know this? Every year I have kids come to my door and they say, “Hey Mrs. Kraus, you live here?”

Then we move into November. Picture day is in November, two kids need to get their pictures done. Do you know how ridiculously priced they are and you don’t know how it looks until you get them. Luckily both kids looked good in them.

Teddy’s birthday is at the beginning of the month and he needs presents; then comes Thanksgiving.  Some years we go to someone’s house, but even when we do we need a turkey for leftovers. You can’t have turkey without the fixings, so I pretty much make a little feast. Of course, there is then Black Friday. I haven’t gone the past two years because the things my kids want aren’t a big enough deal. Besides when I go, I buy myself stuff.

December has arrived. Now here’s how this goes; the weekend after Thanksgiving we go and cut down our Christmas tree. With that I usually have to buy more ornaments and lights; the lights because on occasion, we throw them out with the tree and ornaments to replace the ones that broke when the tree fell the previous year.

Next comes Maizie’s birthday and she needs presents. This year we had one big party for the two of them. We didn’t do individual friend parties because of Stella’s soccer party, but we will have to next year (Teddy really wanted a friend party and I’m not sure if Maizie cared.)

During December there are activities we want to do. We go to Winter Wonderland at Slater Park every year (one of these years I’m going to have a display tree). Then there is Lasallette, the timing doesn’t work out most of the time, but I try every year. We must go to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa. They have the BEST Santas, I highly recommend it. We need to but all the presents and there are always last minute purchases.

I make a list for each kid and ask them over and over what they want so they can tell Santa the guaranteed items. Without fail every year, even though she will barely look at him and acts like a mute, Maizie will get a burst of courage and ask Santa for something that isn’t on her list and it’s usually something she has never ever mentioned. One year she wanted a Dora pillowcase and another year it was a tiara. Her last minute additions are not extravagant, just a pain in the ass. I wonder what it will be this year.

Happy holidays!!


  1. This time of year is so busy! Even more so when birthdays get added in as well. I'm trying very hard to be completely done with my shopping by December 1st, so that I can really enjoy the month. Good luck to you...and i'll cross my fingers that Maizie sticks to her list this year, lol. :)

  2. This is the first year Hayley asked for things she wanted. It is hard because I want to buy her a lot but the toys can be so expense, coupled with the fact that we celebrate Christmas and Chanukah. So we try to limit it to one big gift and then small gifts.

  3. I'm totally feeling overwhelmed this time of year too because part of our house is under construction, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I'm hosting Christmas Eve. Aah! Thankfully my daughter is 2 and hasn't thrown me for a loop with her Christmas list yet, but I anticipate that coming next year!

  4. It's an overwhelming time of year! You sound so busy too and I wish you lots of patience! I get so stressed. But every year, I learn (a little) and try to keep things in perspective by taking it one day at a time. Today is a gift, remember? That's why they call it the present. ;)

  5. This sounds much like my holiday season, with all that you mentioned + one of my girl's birthdays. It's overwhelming and nutty. WE're really trying to be smart about shopping this year b/c it can get wild!

  6. It's an exciting time of year, but it can definitely be overwhelming trying to cram everything in! I have heard that Bass Pro Shops has a great Santa... need to check that out!

  7. I hear you! We are in the same boat with the birthdays (October and December). I can't wait for Jackson to see Santa this year, I think this will be the first year he really "gets" it! Happy Holidays!

  8. I am super overwhelmed!! Maybe because of so much going on. I will have to scale back this holiday though.