Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Party Prep Cleaning

We are having a double birthday party for Teddy and Maizie on Sunday and the house has to be cleaned. I am not good at cleaning, it just gets me mad and makes me sneeze (Ted calls me a hypercleandriac). For about a week my allergies have been out of control, so as soon as I start to do something, I start sneezing. I’m not talking one or two; I’m talking an all day event.

When we have a party, it means full on furniture rearranging. Sunday I put a good dent in the living room, then Monday all bets were off; the sneezing took over my day. I sneezed so bad that I almost wet my pants several times from the force of the sneeze. Over the course of the day I took eight (yes, eight) Benadryl and it did nothing for me.

Another hurdle I am encountering is the darling Kraus kids. As I’m cleaning, I’m finding things they thought were gone forever. I’m trying to get the “treasures” into the garbage, but my constant companion (Stella-Blue) keeps calling attention to many of the finds. Which leads to them playing where I just cleaned, leaving another mess; it’s a vicious circle.

Time is closing in and I’m starting to lose my battle and my mind. It’s time to bring in a ringer…Auntie Rey! Her abilities are almost inhuman, it’s scary.

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