Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teddy…Pimpin’ at the Playground

On the first day of Kindergarten Teddy came home and said how there was the prettiest girl in his class. (Girl A) He couldn’t remember her name, but he managed to score a seat next to her during story time; he was hooked. The next day we were driving to school and we saw her walking. He’s in the back seat pointing yelling, “That’s her! That’s the girl!” I told him that she only lives two streets over from us. Before school I had her go over and introduce himself to her, and he did.

After school the second day he said how the teacher assigned spots on the rug, hot diggity dog he sits next to Girl A. As the days went on I would ask how things were going with Girl A and I found out that her table seat was moved across the room, but they still sat next to each other on the rug.

A few weeks later we were at the playground after school and there was a girl from Teddy’s class playing as well (Girl B). Naturally, being the charismatic guy he is, he went over and started chatting her up. They played for a while and then he ran over to me and told me that since all the boys in the class (there’s only 6 of them) picked a girl to be their girlfriends and Girl B wasn’t picked, so he picked her to be his girlfriend. I know, sounds confusing (try listening to Teddy explain it). When Girl B had to leave the playground, she ran back to give Teddy a hug goodbye. I almost fell off the bench (from laughter and shock).

Now Teddy and Girl B only seem to interact on the playground, when they see each other before they line up, it’s like they don’t know each other. Teddy spends his before school time playing with Girl A. Juggling two girls, no wonder he needs a drink when he gets home from school.

Yesterday, he was pimpin’ on the playground. Girl B was there and they started playing like any other day. But wait, what is this? Girl A showed up. I, not realizing the situation, sent Stella to ask Girl A to play. Teddy stopped when he saw Girl A. Luckily, Girl B had to leave; close call for Teddy (don’t need any cat fights). Fate managed his sticky situation for him.

Unfortunately for Teddy, I was not informed of his master plan. He had invited Girl A to come watch him “play hockey” and you know what? She said yes! Just as he was about to finalize the plans, I announced I was leaving. (That’s how I get them out of the playground; I stand up start walking away as I announce my departure.) He told Ted the whole story on the way to hockey, I was clueless.

I guess if you’re Teddy…Pimpin’ is easy!!

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