Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Leap Frog

Dear Leap Frog,

My kids love to use your products and they are very educational. They love them so much that they go through their treats and shampoo at quite an extraordinary rate. When you were testing out the products, especially the update and download aspect, did you do it while there were anxious kids waiting to use it? 

Was “Is it ready yet?” piped into your test facility so every one of your techs had to hear what we hear? If not then you have no idea of the stress you cause every time that white cord gets plugged into the computer. 

Did you intentionally make the site install updates while a parent is trying to get supplies and micromods with anxious kids around? 

Was the 8 minute download time a gauge for parents to get a drink? Because that’s when we need it.

If kids were not present during testing, I suggest you integrate them into the testing facilities; then watch how fast your system will work then.

A mom of kids still waiting for the Leap Pad back

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