Friday, December 7, 2012

Seven Years Ago...

Seven years ago, Maizie came into this world. She is a wonderful little girl. She’s our first baby. Here are some things about Maizie.

She loves to sing, but don’t look at her while she’s doing it

She is a very smart girl. She only likes to work on her terms.

You want to see her fury, tell her she has homework. She hates it with every fabric of her being.

Alabama is clearly her dog (with the exception of me). When Teddy and Stella get up in the morning, Alabama hardly looks at them. Maizie comes down and Alabama is all over her.

She loves to help, especially when cooking.

As much as she hates to admit it, she loves her brother.

Maizie is incredibly shy, but once in a while she will chat people up and shock the Hell out of me.

She is not outwardly funny like Stella, but let me tell you when she comes out with a witty comment; she hits it right on the head.

She is extremely empathetic. If something sad happens in a show or book, she will cry.

Maizie could eat salad for every meal; she gets one every day for lunch.

She is the only one that will stay in bed at night (unless she is sick or gets a foot cramp).

She will drink milk over any other beverage offered (except a shake).

She is not exactly a morning person.

Maizie is a smart, extraordinary, beautiful girl and I’m glad she’s mine!

 Happy Birthday May!

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