Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14

Welcome to the Kraus House Mom, I am Heather, the ultimate leader of my own little world. It’s too bad I end up talking to myself most of the time (we have selective hearing loss around here). There are three “darling” children that take up just about all my time and their ages are 8, 7 and 6 (there’s also a dog that demands quite a bit of attention).
Here are the "darlings" Teddy, Stella-Blue and Maizie
I live in Rhode Island and was a teacher for what seemed like an eternity and then I retired (early, I’m only 40). My youngest daughter was the student I had for the longest time; I still can’t get rid of her since she’s in half day kindergarten.

I try not to take myself too seriously and look for humor (or at least try to) in unpleasant situations. I make crazy threats to my children and sometimes follow through with them (my son found a sock in his lunch bag last week).

Oh and if I don’t go to the beach in the summer, I’m a total BEAST!!!
This is Alabama Worley, she is the 4th kid.
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Let’s party!!


  1. What a beautiful family! Your kids are so close in age to mine... my girls are 6 and 8.

    Thanks so much for joining the party. We really appreciate it.

  2. What a cute family you have! And Alabama is adorable too!

    Happy UBP!!

  3. New follow via the Ultimate Blog Party - I'm glad to have found your page! :) (And all *4* of your children are adorable!)

  4. I'm a SAHM mom too but like you, my husband would be better at it than I am:) I really do love staying home with my kiddo though!

    Stopping by from the UBP14. I'm a new follower on Twitter and I'm looking forward to connecting with you there:)

  5. Thanks for the twitter follow. I'm here from the #UBP14 too. I've travelled through all but 13 states and they are all up in your part of the country. I haven't seen north eastern Canada either, so it's something to look forward to sharing with my daughter.

  6. Great pictures! My name is Heather and I wanted to know if you could answer a question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  7. You are funny and your kids are so cute! A new follower on IG and FB too! #UBP14