Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle Kraus

There are so many strange things that my kids do and have done that it’s hard to explain. Over the years I have taken pictures of some of the dandies that have happened at the Kraus House, because really who is going to believe me without the photographic evidence?  
This is Lola and she passes out in Koosa bowls.

Someone had a hankering for butter

This had fallen out of the fridge, bites and all

Dolls were always asleep on the floor

Tink had a rough night

Baby Yellow Birds sleeping...SHHH!!!

Opened the fridge and found this, it was fruit salad

This housed Stella's dead moth

Doesn't everyone have a bucket of doll parts in their bathroom

Tiniest Smallest Smallest taking a nap

Dead Barbie at the bottom of the stairs

Naked Barbie workouts

Stella can make reproductive organs, want one?

Stella removes the chocolate chips

Last but not least, this creepy ass anatomically correct doll that is frequently removed from Alabama's mouth


  1. Why are all of your dolls naked? LOL. I love silly pictures... I totally got in trouble for making Ken and Barbie naked in the backseat of her pink convertible. Kids are odd and bring us much needed giggles :)

  2. Tiniest smallest smallest...I love the names your kids come up with! Haha