Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm Going to be a Pinterest Mom

This is the year I’m going to shine brighter than all the other moms out there. I am going to be the mom that all the other mom’s talk about, strive to be, dare to out-do. I’m going to be THAT mom, the Pinterest mom.

I will finally have three kids in school (Stella only half day) and it is my time to be brilliant. There will be nasty, snarky posts about me, sideways glances in the school yard, but I don’t care. Creativity will be mine!!

I’m going to make the snazziest lunches, a little bit of this, a little bit of that healthy and delicious. My kids will eat the rainbow at lunch alone. There will also be heartfelt notes in each lunchbox, everyday. I may even make my husband write some too.

Look at the balance in these meals!

There are going to be epic dinners and after school snacks, maybe a couple of fancy desserts a week. I’ll have plenty of time to go to the grocery store and prepare my feasts.
Who wouldn't want this dinner presented to them?
My girls are going to go to school with fancy hairdos everyday and carefully put together outfits. Polyvore’s not going to have anything on me. Moms will be trolling my Instagram feed for outfit inspiration. I’m even going to sew some fantastic ensembles.

So pulled together

Organization:  a place for everything and everything in its place. My house is going to be spotless. A chore chart will be posted and adhered to; everyone will know what his or her job is.
A week's worth of recycling in one cereal box, my grandfather would be so proud!
After school starts, Halloween is just around the corner along with the “Holiday Season”. The snazz will be happening at the Kraus House this year, I’m giving advance warning. We’re talking decorations up the wazoo. If I pinned it, it will be!
Stunning addition to any door

Everyone wants to be fruit for Halloween

Birthday parties will be like society galas with themes, themes, themes. Keep your fingers crossed for an invitation, the social events of the season.
Party time!!
Who am I kidding? This is never going to happen. Lunches? Maizie INSISTS on getting school lunch salad everyday and she has the same snack the entire year. I may have to get somewhat creative with Stella (she’s a bit of a diva) and Teddy eats anything (especially if I put it in a thermos), leftovers it is.

I have been trying for years to plan meals in advance, it hasn’t happened. I’m a look in the fridge/freezer and figure out what can be cooked the fastest kind of girl. And when it comes to baking, well that’s Ted’s job and we won’t discuss it any further.

I’m lucky Maizie even gets her hair brushed before we leave the house in the morning and she’s not big on fancy hairdos. Stella on the other hand has started doing her own hair (at 5 years old). I suppose I should really help her out in that department, but she does a pretty good job. As for clothes, Maizie doesn’t like to get too adventurous in the wardrobe department Stella’s whole motto is “Flair or Nothing”. (You should check Instagram for Stella’s creations.) I do want to sew more; I’ll have to find my sewing machine first.

Organization and cleaning, face it Ted, it’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. I try but the shiny things take over and I lose focus. I really do plan on trying to stay organized since my scatterbrain “condition” seems to get worse with age.

Holiday decorations? My kids have to nag me until I can’t stand it in order to drag them out and then I let them do it. Well, I do take control of the mantel. Last year Stella asked for two straight weeks for me to put the Halloween wreath on the door and I don’t even think I own and Thanksgiving decorations.

Birthday parties? I’ll have them at a place so I don’t have to do any of that. I’ll pay someone else to decorate and create a theme. I will admit I have a tendency to go overboard with the favors.

There will probably still be sideways glances and comments, but they’ll be more like, “Wow, she is a slacker.”

Maybe this school year I can find a happy medium?

Disclaimer: None of these photos are from Pinterest, I took them all.


  1. I love this post. "The best laid plans of mice and men..." right?
    You can tell what a great mom you are! I had a Halloween similar to the Grape costume when I was younger, but I was a gumball machine! Different colored balloons and a clear plastic bag over it with a sign to insert money. I think it was my favorite costume ever.

  2. Ha! This is great. I always have epic plans...they just never get acted uppon. And you know what? That is quite all right.

  3. Well, I guess my Pinterest plans with you are gone!? This is so funny. I must admit that as a Grandma, my grandkids have come to expect seasonal decorations. I do it because I love to make them happy, but each "season" is stored in a big plastic bag in the back of one of my closets... and each time a "season" shows up, I'm the one in the closet ripping through all the bags. I always say that I'm going to ORGANIZE my stuff. But I don't. Maybe this year, beginning with Halloween! Can I borrow your wreath?! Thanks for the smiles today...

  4. Love it. I still think you're awesome... even if you're not a Pinterest mom ♡

  5. No way I'm setting my bar to be Pinterest Mom. More like My House Isn't Filthy Mom. That's what I'm shooting for. Although, My kids won't all be in school for two more years, so my goal now is My House Isn't Completely Gross Mom.

    Hope you enjoy something fun while the kids are in school.

  6. Haha! I could never be a Pinterest Mom either. What's a theme? I've never had theme birthday parties.