Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Summer To Do List

Now that school is officially out, I asked the kids what were some things they wanted to do this summer and they had some similar responses. Stella kept adding to her list so I condensed it a bit. Ted was pretty generic and getting Maizie to tell me was like pulling teeth.
Here are their lists: 

Go on a picnic
Go in everyone’s pool (she listed everyone she knew that had a pool)
Go to the beach
Go to a water park
Play with the hose
Play with the sprinkler
Go to the zoo
Go to the ice cream store
Use the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

Stella pretty much wants to go everywhere that she sees on TV. She also listed every little thing she would do during the day (make lemonade, play Barbies, etc); I wanted specifics not your daily itinerary.

Go to the beach
Go in the pool
Go to a gym
Go to the zoo
See fireworks
Get some ice cream
Go to the grocery store
Have sleepovers
Go to different playgrounds

Teddy was very general with the exception of the gym; he really wants to work out. I asked why he wanted to go to the grocery store, he said “Why not?”

Go to the zoo
Swim in the pool
Go to the beach
See fireworks
Go on a picnic

Maizie doesn’t like to contribute much. She kept asking Stella what she should tell me.

My List
The beach is a given, I’m doing that anyway
Different zoos (besides Roger Williams)
Picking fruit (I really want to go blueberry picking)
Go to Boston Museum of Science (I haven’t been there in almost 20 years)
Take a family trip (we’ve never been on an overnight trip)
Go to the drive in
Go to the Yankee Candle factory
See fireworks
Take the kids to a baseball game
Go to Mystic Village
Go to many other day trip places that we probably won’t get to.

Every year I have big plans (in my head) for the summer, but we usually end up just going to the beach. Lets’ see if things can change this year.

Let the sunning begin!


  1. Great list! Much like ours. I've taken the kids to Mystic Aquarium, but not to the village yet. We'll have to do that one too.

  2. I'm loving this list! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Everyone's list sounds like the perfect summer itinerary! Tell Teddy he can do my grocery shopping if he'd like! ;)