Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Daredevils and Meh

It’s no secret I’ve got three kids, and they all have their own personality. Frequently they join forces and that can spell trouble. Usually they join forces to annoy me, but after the storm they joined forces to create a wonderland for themselves.

Teddy and Stella built their own sledding hill. Okay, Ted did go out and help with the hill, but Teddy was hell bend on having it. He worked really hard and he was rewarded.
Teddy adding a few more piles to the top

Maizie wasn’t really into it (hence the meh). Maizie was more interested in eating the snow. Even though it was starting to rain, they were going to play.

They had their hill, they had their sled, and they were ready for action. The screams and laughing was causing the dog to have barking fits. She was not pleased with the sledding situation. For the first five or six times they went down it, the dog barked at them as they climbed to the top of the picnic table. She finally gave up that battle.

How Teddy didn’t break something is beyond me. His last run down the hill was his best. I was walking toward the back door and I heard a loud crash, it was Teddy’s head. He managed to get the steer the sled straight, through the backyard, headfirst into the door. Unfortunately, by the afternoon the hill had begun to disappear.

If we get more snow like it’s predicted, I’m sure Teddy and Stella will rebuild (and maybe Maizie will go for a ride).


  1. What a fun idea! I couldn't watch the video, though. When I push play, it just comes up a blank screen that says, "this video is private".

  2. My son had his first major sledding experience with this storm and he reminds me of Teddy! Reminds me of how much I loved sledding as a kid ;)

  3. Yay for snow days!!! I'm glad Teddy seems to be made of steel!

  4. Your kids sure know how to take advantage of a snowy day. I LOVE these pictures. Happy kids, happy life.

  5. That is hilarious! I love that he steered into the house! I think our kids would get along great! lol! :)

  6. I love this video! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a fun day you all had!! Now I want to build a hill in our yard!

  8. I love when the kids get creative! And you have to read my Boys and Bruises post - I think it was July if you're interested in searching the archives - but you'll completely appreciate it!!

  9. lol! I love it!! Two years ago when we had all that crazy snow our driveway had giant mounds shoulder high on me. My 2 boys decided they were perfect for sledding. So with my watching for cars they took turns going down the "hill." Being a boy's mom is definitely an adventure!

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