Monday, April 8, 2013

A Weekend of Good

I am up to my eyeballs in laundry and I was hardly home all weekend. But all my years of training finally paid off this weekend. This weekend was forty eight hours that I will never forget.

A group of women that I am proud to be a part of got together and sat around. Yup, we sat (and Facebooked, Tweeted and Instagramed). All for a little girl named Belle who was diagnosed with Leukemia. This amazing group is Rhody Bloggers for Good, and that is exactly what the purpose is, to show compassion and promote kindness. Boy was there “Good” done this weekend.

This weekend I took part in a Sit-A-Thon at La-Z-Boy in Warwick, RI and I had so much fun. Many of these women I had never met in person, only talked to online. You know what, it’s like I had known them for years. We sat, we talked, we laughed all while raising money to help defray mounting medical bills. There were also many activities going on throughout the store.
We saw a princess and some Patriots.

Teddy didn't find one he didn't like.

The weekend raised $10,000 for Belle (and her mom got to get one of those giant checks). The site is still open for donations. For all that donated, thank you very much. Your generosity is truly appreciated.
The BIG check and the amazing staff at the Warwick La-Z-Boy Store
Let me tell you, this could not have been possible without Melissa and Jen for organizing the event and the fabulous staff at La-Z-Boy, especially Jake. He was absolutely AMAZING!!! When I need furniture in the future, you can be damn sure it will be from them. Any company that would go to such lengths to help someone in their community like they did, definitely has my business.

Last night it was tough to go back to my regular furniture and to get my kids ready for school today. Now I only have a 7, 6 and 5 year old to talk to.

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