Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 Things I'm Ready to Get Rid Of

Disclaimer:  This is a tiny rant, but these are things that have been getting on my nerves lately. Possibly because I’m fighting a cold or allergies and I’m tired and cranky.

Gravity-It’s causing me nothing but problems. I drop things constantly and sometimes the same thing more than once. Then I have to bend my fat ass over to pick it up, which is a chore in itself. Then there’s what gravity is doing to my body. Let’s face, gravity is not cool!

Yummy-The word, not the concept (I wouldn’t want things to taste bad because then I would just be in a constant bad mood and no one wants that.) Unless you’re talking to a child under the age of two, that word needs to be retired from your vocabulary. (Don’t get me started on "delish".)

Dog Gas-Whether my dog burps or farts, you can smell it throughout the room, sometimes the house. If you have a dog, you know what I’m talking about.

Infomercials-Why, why, why must you put those ridiculous infomercials on kid channels? I can’t even begin to list all the things “I HAVE TO GET”. The Hub is the worst offender, by far. They have kid and adult products and Teddy believes everything they say.

Excessive Local News-We have two and a half hours of local news in the morning, a half an hour at noon, and then two more hours in the evening. That’s five hours of local news, in our tiny state. I hate to break it to you new stations but, not that much goes on around here. Then when there is a “story” half the time it’s a non-story, there’s no facts involved.

Alarm Clocks-All it does is ruin a good night sleep. I have three kids that are more than capable of telling me it's time to get up. When I don’t ( or won’t) get up, I hear the microwave and toaster and then I start to panic as to what they are doing and cooking that I bolt out of bed anyway. Seriously, a 6 and 5 year old can do a lot of damage to a kitchen in 10 minutes, (the 7 year old is not about to make anything herself, not in the morning anyway).


  1. Gravity is a pain most of the time.
    I hope you feel better soon and can get some rest.

  2. Cat gas causes the same problems. In fact, we're on the same page for all those things. :)

  3. I love rants! I'm with you on the infomercials and local news. Alarm clocks? Yikes, I need these! Don't get me started on words... that will take an entire blog post! Thanks for this post today!

  4. I have to agree with the alarm clock. zomg. I hate alarm clocks!

  5. I agree with the news and alarm clocks- so true!

  6. Addie just learned to say "Yuuummmm". It's cute now, but adults using it? No thanks :)