Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Fabulous Teddy

Today Teddy turns six and I decided to let everyone know some facts about him.

Let’s start with the basics. He is four foot, five and a half inches tall, weighs eighty pounds, and wears size ten clothes and a size three shoe.
Only two weeks old

He is very protective of his family, especially of his sisters. He even tries to protect them for me. When they get in trouble he will try to take the blame.

He loves school, he absolutely hates days off and has to be convinced to take a sick day.

Teddy is very empathetic, if someone is sad he feels terrible.
His first birthday party

He is very sensitive. He wears his heart on his sleeve.

Two years old

He loves to play hockey. Within fifteen hours of ice time, he was moved up and now uses a stick.
He is very determined. He won’t quit. He’ll keep going until he can do it right. He gets mad at himself, but keeps it up.

He could play Xbox all day long if I let him.

How many three year olds do you know that get drums for their birthday?

 Teddy does not have a very long attention span, in fact it’s just better if you don’t ask him to get you anything; you’ll be waiting a long time.

He rarely gets his shirt on the right way.

Fourth birthday

He’s very generous. If it’s just him and I out and I ask him if he wants something, he’ll ask me what we can get for the girls.

He can’t concentrate with his tongue IN his mouth.

We got his test scores from school and he is incredibly smart (I’m not going to lie; we were a tiny bit shocked at the score). We knew he was smart, but didn’t think he was going to get the score he did.

He is always willing to make a compromise with the girls.
Five years old

He’s very considerate. If I’m watching my show, he won’t ask to change the channel; he’ll watch it with me. He’ll even decline the offer for me to put on his show (I do change it to his anyway).
This morning, my six year old boy!