Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I am mostly thankful for my family, but here are a few more things on my list today.

I am thankful for my giant roaster. I put the turkey in the roaster and then my oven is available for my many side dishes.
This thing is insane. My 16 lb. turkey cooked in 3.5 hours.

I am thankful for Stella’s parade enthusiasm. All the yelling and jumping, I can’t imagine if we took her to see it in person.

I am thankful for an easy Thanksgiving Day menu. All the things I make are quite easy.

I am thankful for Nanny’s stuffing and cranberry sauce that my mom makes every year. The stuffing is so good, but quite labor intensive and I just can’t get the cranberry sauce to come out right.

I am thankful for Elfel (our Elf on the Shelf). No when the kids get on my nerves I can just walk over to her and say, “Can you tell Santa…” They do not want the big guy to know all the weasely things they do.
  I guess Elfel missed her friend The Wampa.

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  1. Love this one. And any time the Wompa gets a nod I'm happy.