Friday, November 2, 2012

Not Your Mama’s Candy Land

This isn’t Mommy’s Candy Land, this is Mrs. Kraus’ Candy Land. Here’s the story. I taught first grade ESL for several years and since Stella-Blue refused to go to preschool, I feel I needed to get her to learn somehow. (Teddy could use some reinforcement as well) This was used in the class room to help the students learn the sight words, so why not use it at home.

I originally made this to help Maizie, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Stella begs to play every day. Teddy could take it or leave it, but he doesn’t want to pass up an opportunity to play with us.

This is what you need: Candy Land, index cards or printable business cards, list of words, (Stella uses the alphabet)

Write or print the words you would like you child to practice on the cards.
Now you’re ready to play, it’s that easy.

The rules (in our house anyway):

  • DO NOT throw the cards if you lose!!! (This has happened and caused the game to go on the shelf for months)
  • Have mom control the cards (This way they can’t search through for the picture cards)
  • Show the word or the letter card, if it is read correctly then a color card can be taken. (I let them get a color card anyway)
  • Continue on until you have a winner.
  • The winner gets a kiss and a hug. (in our house)

At first Stella only had to name the letter, now she has to name the letter and the letter sound.
As Teddy brings home more sight words, I add them to the pile of words. When they play together, Stella is actually starting to learn sight words from watching Teddy.

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  1. Love your rules. I am on one hand looking forward to when my kids are old enough for games but on the other hand dreading it. I can only withstand so many candy land runs in a row :)