Friday, November 30, 2012

Am I Ruby? I Hope Not

This morning Maizie was trying to decide what to bring for show and tell. She opted for the Max and Ruby dolls. (If you don’t know who they are you’re lucky; if you are forced to watch them you have my condolences, I feel your pain.) When I got home after dropping her off at school (on time) I went to make myself some breakfast (Teddy and Stella had their faces glued to the tablet) and Max and Ruby was on TV. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t change the channel, but I decided it was fate I need to share my thoughts with the blogosphere.

Way back in September 2009, I shared my thoughts on this horrific show on Facebook (long before my blogging days). Here are some of my thoughts (with some recent additions)…
  1. Max is definitely Grandma’s favorite; she always comes to Max’s rescue. That’s kind of a screw you Ruby, stop being such a pain in the ass.
  2. Bunny Scouts seems like a cult Ruby got sucked into and keeps giving money to. She sells Max’s stuff to raise money to give to those “Bunny Scouts” leaders.
  3. Mrs. Huffington and Grandma never ask to talk to the parents. I think I know why, see #4.
  4. I think that Max is really Ruby’s kid, that’s why the parents aren’t around. My theory is that Ruby was disowned by her parents and Grandma couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing Max.
  5. I think Max has a disability. He doesn’t talk, but he can figure out things for himself. Perhaps instead of Bunny Scout meetings and all the shenanigans with Louise, Ruby should take Max to speech therapy.
  6. Ruby resents Max (she knows he’s way smarter than her), so she takes out all her frustrations on him. She projects her short comings onto to him. It’s your fault you missed the bus, get your act together.
Then as I was listening, I realized there are times that I sound like Ruby. All that nagging she does to Max, once my kids stop listening I turn into Ruby. I wanted to throw up, how could I sound like her, I don’t think I’m that bossy. I realized it can’t possibly be me; it has to be that I have three Maxes in my house.

I am going to have to check myself from now on, before I grow white fur and get sucked into Bunny Scouts.


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  2. hehehe! that show drives me insane. Seriously - where are the parents?????? UGH! And yes, when I have to ask my kids 10x to do something, I start to become Ruby. It's scary.

  3. I've heard of that show but never knew anything about it until now! :)

  4. We watch the show their all the time!! I also question the parents,lol

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  8. SO FUNNY!!! We always watch Max & Ruby!!