Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What is Wednesday?

What do Wednesday’s mean? It’s “Humpday”, the middle of the week. It means after today, the weekend is closer. (I remember when the weekends would start on Thursday.) What Wednesday means in the Kraus House is, I have to remember that we need to eat dinner earlier than the early bird special starts.

Wednesday is hockey night for Teddy. (He also goes on Sunday morning at the ridiculous hour of 8am, but I’m not getting up and getting everyone ready at that ungodly hour.) The girls want to go and watch him skate, which means we need to eat dinner at 4pm; so he can eat, then get ready to be on the ice at 6pm. It does sound excessively early, but getting these three ready can be quite the challenge.

Stella likes to yell and cheer for him, even though he’s just learning to skate. She also likes the social aspect of the rink. I sit in the stands and Ted stands by the glass. Stella likes to split her time between us and has gotten the courage to venture between us on her own (she walks around like she owns the joint).

Maizie gets annoyed with the buzzer; and believe me; she does not like me yelling to Teddy at all. (I warned her that if Teddy plays in high school, NOT to sit next to me.) She wants to venture over to Ted, but hasn’t worked up the courage to go “all the way over there” yet; although last week she did take Stella to the bathroom on her own.

Let’s not forget the concession stand. The sports complexes in the city make a mint off the Kraus family alone. The girls NEED to have some candy every time we go and Teddy is so famished when he is done he has to have something to eat.

The good thing about Wednesday is, when we get home its 7:30pm. The only thing left to do is put on pajamas, brush teeth and go to bed. That’s good, because I’m off at 8pm.


  1. How is hockey? My son wants to play and I'm not sure!!! Is it crazy expensive? Cute kiddos!

  2. It's not too bad when learning to skate. It does get pricey. The problem we have is my son is only 5 but he's so big that youth equipment is too small. There's a HUGE price difference between youth and junior prices. He loves it, so that's all that matters.

  3. Your kids are adorable!!! I can't wait to do fun things like hockey with my kids :)

  4. So fun!!! Tommy started Hockey this year, thankfully right now its just Saturday mornings at the very reasonable hour of 9:00!! I'm not looking forward to the price increase at he gets past instructional hockey though!!

  5. So cute! What a busy day. No rest for Mama's!