Monday, October 29, 2012

A Week in My Life...Sunday

Well I have a goal for today; I’m going to stay in my pajamas all day. No shower, no brushing my hair, nothing, I’m going to be a skevortz today. Teddy Had hockey at 8IS and he was very excited because he leveled up and he is the youngest in his group now.
He's so proud of himself

Thankfully, Ted takes him on Sunday mornings and I get to sleep until I am dragged out of bed by Stella demanding breakfast. It wasn’t too bad; it was 8:15AM.
Hoping she'll get a piece of bacon

Sandy is making her way here so I am definitely not going to be part of any buying frenzy. Besides, Ted “hangs out” at the neighborhood gas station and they put supplies aside for the “regulars” if need be. We do need to put all our outside stuff in the garage, I did notice that our grill is still bungeed to the deck from Irene (we didn’t use it this year).

Knowing that school will most likely be cancelled is really giving me stress, extra days off are not good around here.

Walked in the living room to find a chair diving contest.
Chair Diving

I put a crock pot full of “tasty meatballs in a gravy” to cook (here's Stella's description of dinner)
Tasty meatballs in a gravy

and started to get my laundry done. The kids were creating mayhem in the house, absolute mayhem. According to one of my CIs, there was removal of all blankets and pillows, climbing on a four foot dresser and jumping off of that dresser. To top it off, this rebellious act came after a discussion about NOT climbing on the dresser. This is the recorded "confession".

Today is the last day of the week in my life; I hope you enjoyed your stay. If my doorbell doesn’t ring soon (okay a knock on the door because we can’t get the doorbell to work anymore) I completely understand.

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  1. Care to share the recipes for the meatballs! YUM!!! He is so cute playing hockey!

  2. omg. My cousins and I used to have chair diving contests ALL the time when they would be up visiting from Virginia. We used to get in so much trouble. haha!

  3. Is hockey super expensive? My 5-year old son is interested in it and I'm afraid of the cost and time commitment. And is 5 too young?

  4. Learn to skate isn't expensive and 5 is a perfect age. If he's a normal sized kid the cost isn't too bad. My son is 5 but he's not in youth sizes (he's too big) so it's more expensive. He really likes it and for us that's all that matters.

  5. PJ days are awesome! And I know what you mean about too many days with no school. We don't have that issue yet, but too many days without leaving the house are torture.