Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thrusday

I am thankful that my children’s blood obviously runs hot and I do not need to turn up the heat yet. They still feel it’s warm enough to wear sundresses and go without pants. I have now turned it into a game…how long can I go? My guess, not too much longer, I’m the wimp when it comes to the heat.

I am thankful for the Xbox. Not only does it keep my kids occupied, but it is one of the best bargaining tools I have. You don’t want to listen? No Xbox for you!!

I am thankful for story time at the library. Because of you I get an entire 30 minutes (most of the time) to myself.

I am thankful for the remote control. You really don’t realize how much you love it, until you spend 15 minutes tearing apart the living room looking for it. I don’t spend that much time on a missing shoe.

I am thankful Alabama Worley gets herself so worked up over every little noise that she passes gas while she’s trying to jump on the couch. If you want to break in, you’ll have to fight through the smell.

I am thankful for Little Caesar’s. They claim “hot and ready”, I’ll give them the ready; hot, not by the time you drive the 6 blocks home. Some nights you just don’t care because you don’t want to cook.


  1. LOL i love this post! hot blooded children (i'm still trying not to turn my heat on too), little ceasar's ... you are so right HAHA! and totally jealous that your library doesn't make you stay with the kids during story time ;)

  2. Warwick library is so much better than Cranston, I try not to go there.

  3. Such a funny post because I couldn't agree with you more on so much of this. I just went on a huge scavenger hunt for the remote!