Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I’ve decide to list some things I am thankful for, but I will, of course express it in my own special way.

I am thankful for reality TV. I need to have something to help me lose whatever brain cells I have left.

I am thankful for my DVR. I need to tape several mind numbing television shows a day and trust me, all hell breaks loose if it doesn’t record a show I want.

I am thankful for Diet Dr. Pepper. Whoever created such a delicious beverage deserves a Noble Prize (in my world anyway).

I am thankful for cheese. It is my all time favorite food, it could eat it all day, everyday (with a Diet Dr. Pepper).

I am thankful for my husband Ted. He’s my best friend. He puts up with such a disorganized, hot mess. No one else makes me laugh like him.

I am thankful for Maizie. She is one of the smartest, sweetest little girls around. Who else can laugh so hard she gives herself the hiccups or wants to play reading games on the computer instead of regular games?

I am thankful for Teddy. He calls me Momverlous, tells me several times a day that I’m the best mom in the whole wide world and he lets me practice my communication skills over and over and over again.

I am thankful for Stella-Blue. Everyone needs a clone. She goes with me everywhere, does things with me no one else will and I can get her to do or say just about anything.

I am thankful for Alabama Worley. I will never have to nap alone. As long as she’s around, no squirrels are going to come in and sneak attack us. But with her, I am never alone…really everywhere I go, every room she’s there.


  1. Yayyyy for thankfulness! And reality tv.

  2. Yo! I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper. And cheese. If there were a diet dr pepper cheese, I'd totally buy it, just to show the love. Some might call that misguided; I call it appreciation.