Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that school is almost out. I’m sick of getting up at the ass crack of 7AM. First thing those kids are going to learn this summer is to make their own breakfast.

I am thankful that there’s no more homework. I was getting ready to reserve a room over at Butler. I’m glad Maizie hasn’t figured out that her diorama is really a huge homework assignment. If she does, you’ll hear the screams at your house. (It will most likely be me trying to get her to get it done.)
Look, she's smiling as she's doing "homework"
I am thankful that Stella has so much ambition that she was furious that she didn’t have to make a diorama. So what is a girl to do? Make her own; she started her own project. If you see her and there is still marker ALL OVER her hands and arms, it’s because her diodrama is still a work in progress.
This is Stella's diorama, I don't know what lives in this habitat.
I am so thankful my kids love the sound of my voice. That must be the reason why they want me to repeat everything countless times.

I am thankful for the Real Housewives. My Sunday and Monday nights are filled with hypocrites and liars that don’t have anything to do with me. Really, who wants to wear tight dresses all the time? I’d be making sure my lady bits weren’t on display (on display) all the time, I’ve got so many other things to do (like hot glue beads all over my sink).


  1. Great list as always Heather! I LOL'ed at the diorama picture!

  2. Maizie looks quite happy working on her diorama! I used to love those assignments in school! Great list!

  3. You always manage to make me laugh out loud. Great list.

  4. Ha! My kids adore the sound of my voice too. You always give me a good laugh!

  5. Hahaha - what in the word is that diarama made of? It looks unbelievably fun to play with, but I have no idea what the goop is :)
    Those artistic assignments were my favorite!

  6. I think I just peed my pants. Hysterical. My sister had this same homework issue, so she was THRILLED when she had to make a castle out of whatever she wanted. She chose sugar cubes.
    Before she woke up, on the day it was due (naturally, she started and finished it the night before), I ate half of it. I was only 8 and it seemed like a good idea.
    Just wanted to make you laugh back :)

  7. That is so cute! She's creative! LOL! =) Nice list!

  8. HAHA! You crack me up! I am thankful its Sunday night right now. I've got a date with BRAVO tv!