Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for more snow. I started to get that warm fuzzy feeling that spring was on its way. Thank you Mother Nature for slapping me back to reality and reminding me I live in New England and until I’m sitting on the beach, it can snow anytime (and even then it can be a crap shoot).
This is from Nemo, but every time I see a snowflake I have flashbacks and this is what I think of.

I am thankful for 50 pound bags of dog food. Alabama is so happy to see it come in the house; she knows she can stay until it’s gone. Without that giant bag, what else would I trip on when I walked through the back hallway with an overflowing laundry basket?
I admit it, I have a fat dog. I have noticed on the "weight loss" dog food they always seem to have a lab, that's a bit stereotypical (I've seen some VERY fat beagles).

I am thankful that Teddy is full of questions this morning. I wouldn’t want to be shlumpy this morning, with his rapid fire this morning how could I be? He’s keeping me sharp this morning. Everything from “Who uses coupons at Job Lot?” to “Can we bring watermelon to the beach this summer?”

I am thankful that Ted and Stella had a wonderful tea party yesterday while I was volunteering at the kids’ school. The even got to use my “Marry Dishes” (my china), had classical music, candlelight and real tea. She demonstrated her special two-pinkie method of sipping tea.
Isn't she dainty?

I am thankful I got my front hall closet cleaned out. Man was that a horror show, my back still hurts. I found four of my shoes that didn’t have a match; the match must be in the upstairs closet (that’s a nightmare for another day). Anyone want to place some wagers on how long the clean closet will last?
Someone wore my boots with the fur (wonder if they had Apple Bottom jeans on too).

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  1. You scared me with that first picture! I thought other parts of the state had gotten this much snow last night!!! LOL. And I love the inquisitions from your kids-- kids questions are alway the best.

    1. I thought the same thing, Jen, "where does she live? They got that much snow last night?!"

  2. Don't you just love the questions that come out of kids' mouths? Even when she's napping, I miss my conversations with my daughter. That kid cracks me up!

  3. Great job on your front closet! Being organized always makes me feel so much better in everything! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend :)

  4. Sometimes it's the little things like remembering to pick up dog food and cleaning out the front closet that keep us sane! I always love your posts - they make me smile!

  5. I always feel SO productive and calm after a big clean out/organization project, too! It feels great!

  6. omg how does it happen that you end up with shoes without matches... the boys have a few of those in the house here too. its a mystery. lol love that your kids call the china marry dishes! so sweet.

  7. You cracked me up with the snow comment! Right there with you :)

  8. The pet food thing? Grateful for that on the daily!