Monday, January 21, 2013

Go to Your Room

What did your childhood bedroom look like? Give a tour. How did it change as you matured?

This week’s topic is about my childhood bedroom. When I was a kid, my mom, my sister and I lived with my grandparents. There were three bedrooms in the house, my mom had one, my grandparents had one which meant my sister and I had to share the other one. I don’t know how she slept at night because I am no joy to share a room with; I’ll be the first to admit it. I snore (and that’s putting it politely), I talk and mumble and my stomach makes weird noises all night long.

We had matching bookcase beds and electric blankets. I remember going upstairs hours before bedtime and turning it on high and by bedtime it was so warm and toasty. (We were told to never jump on the beds because we would get electrocuted, that might have been a lie but it worked for me) When I was younger, I couldn’t have enough stuffed animals. They were everywhere. 
I even hung the animals on the wall.

Now, I didn’t really want to get into the décor because I didn’t want the haters to come out; but you know what they say, “Haters gonna hate” so I’m just going to paint you a picture of the best part of the room. It had an orange and yellow shag carpet. I know, I know you’re thinking, “Oh my God, how did she get so lucky?” I haven’t told you the rest yet; I also had orange walls. Okay, start hating!

Once it was realized I had bad allergies, that luxury carpet had to go. As a side note, that carpet actually dissolved one of those sticky hands you could smack the wall with and pull it back. One day it fell between my sister’s bed and the wall and the next day when we moved the mattress to get it, it was gone (my mom didn’t believe us, but we were the only two that knew where it fell).

I remember having Michael Jackson posters on the wall and some weird dolls, but when I was looking for pictures I found one that had a poster of Kirk Cameron (I seriously must have blocked that out of my mind because I DO NOT remember that at all). I do remember that once I saw Stand By Me, I was all about River Phoenix. Then I saw Lucas, and Corey Haim also caught my eye. By the time 21 Jump Street hit the airwaves Johnny Depp was where it was at and I was a Tiger Beat junkie and had ripped out pictures of my “boyfriends” all over my wall (my side, I really don’t remember what my sister had except pet mosquitoes…that’s a whole other post).
See the color of that blanket? It matched the yellow in the rug.

Check out that P'Jammer and my blue eye make up.
Once the room was rearranged, I was much more mature then so I had to make some changes. I bagged up most of the stuffed animals (probably an allergy thing) and I remember getting a new clock radio. I had one that the numbers turned like a Rolodex and it made a noise every minute, but I need a snazzier one. Bring on the P’Jammer with the Bed Bugs in the side. (See it in the picture) This was the crème de la crème of teenybopper clock radios. I really didn’t spend all that much time in my bedroom, but when I was in there I had my tunes courtesy of my rockin’ P’Jammer, that no one but me could hear (okay they could because I sang, loudly and badly), and my Seventeen magazines and my “boyfriends”.

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  1. Your bedroom was wonderful, even the dreaded shag carpet! Back in the 60's, when I had my first own room, my Mom was way ahead of her time with the carpet thing and allergies (my brothers and I were walking allergies)... so I never had carpets of any kind. I dreamed of cozy carpets for my feet on cold mornings. No such luck. I don't remember posters, but my cousin had The Monkees splashed all over her room. Good times.

  2. OMG!! These photos are AMAZING!!! I transitioned from the overloaded stuffed animals to the "hot guy" posters too! This is awesome! And I think we had the same hair as well!

  3. I LOVE this!!! Your room sounds like such a great place to grow up!! I have to admit I have no idea what a P'Jammer is, but I do know that clock with the rolodex numbers!!!

  4. This is so cute! I love the pictures and the stuffed animal collection reminds me of mine when i was a kid!

  5. I so wish I could have found pictures of my room. I love that you included some. That was a lot of stuffed animals! I had the dreaded shag carpet too. I can't believe it dissolved a sticky hand.

  6. I always wanted a book case head board!!!! Love that you included pics of your room! Cute post

  7. The BEST part of this post is your awesome eye shadow! Fantastic! And I swear, my grandmother has the same headboard that you had!

  8. I LOVE that you added pics, too! Seeing all your stuffed animals is amazing.

  9. Loved seeing the pics! It's been a blast reading about everyone's childhood rooms :)

  10. Great pics! So fun reading about your childhood bedroom!